Fitness Challenge Winners!

1st place with 149.97% improvement: Ian Somers $100 cash prize

2nd place with 116% improvement: Austin Powell $50 Phoenix gift certificate

3rd place with 104% improvement: Darwin Kochis

Toddler division:,1st Place Marley Kochis $10 cash Prize

2nd place Abby Cyr $5 cash prize

Great Job everyone!

Women’s Self Defense

New 6 week class begins Tuesday 3/20/18!

$65 for the entire 6 week course! We will cover Situational Awareness, Defense from common attacks against women both from standing and on the ground, defense against knives and guns. This is a course for women, taught by a woman! Every woman owes it to herself to learn these techniques! Bring a friend and learn together!

6:30 Pm 945 Center St. Auburn


The Numbers are In for the weight loss challenge! Drumroll Please!

1st Place with 8.95% weight loss: Rick Bourgeois $312.50 cash prize!

2nd place: 7.77% weight loss Jessica Somers

2months free Karate at Phoenix

3rd place: 6.52% Deron Treadwell 1month free Karate at Phoenix

4th place: Shawnee Treadwell 5.82%

5th place Nick Plourde 5.51%

Great Job Everyone!

Weight Loss and Fitness Challenge Ends Today!

All those who entered the challenge must do their final weigh in or Fitness test today between 8:30 and 11:30am at the dojo.

Prizes: Weight Loss: 1st place $312.50

2nd: 2 months Karate

3rd: 1 month Karate

Fitness: 1st Place $100

2nd: $50 Phoenix Gift Cert

3rd: $25 Phoenix Gift Cert

Toddler: 1st Place $10

2nd: place $5